Signs She Likes You

She Wants You! Delicious Signs She Likes You

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It can be tough to understand a woman, but if you really out in your efforts, you might be able to identify the signs she likes you.
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From times unknown, women have succeeded in weaving their magic around men so much that even Adam could not refuse Eve and ate the forbidden fruit.

A woman continues to be shrouded in mystery and a man’s attempts to look deep under the layers only pushes him further towards confusion. However, do you, as the man, realize that cupid hovers over her and it is for you to ‘see’?

A woman, both the reticent type and the garrulous type, does throw hints at you in her own way that she likes you. Just as the Zodiac signs have something to say obscurely, there are sonorous signals that she sends to your radar, so keep it tuned.

The obvious and clichéd signals to show that she likes you include the coy smiles, vying for attention, initiating the talk, being overfriendly and suggestive, invitations, gifting, et al.

These are the banal kind, so much that if shared with your grandma, she would probably laugh at you because she would have used the same tricks three generations ago. This is the age of Gen Z, so is the fairer sex and hence their signals too are as advanced and innovative as the present day technology.

Look for these signals in order to find out if she really, really likes you…