signs she is using you

5 Disturbing Signs She is Using You

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You’re feeling on top of the world as you’ve landed the lady of your dreams and things seem to be moving along nicely but there are some shady grey areas and you’re starting to see possibly signs she is using you.

Sometimes, things aren’t always what they seem and unfortunately, there are some ladies out there that will take advantage of a generous man without having any intentions of allowing things to take a step forward into the future.

You never want to be that guy. So save yourself the pain that is almost always inevitable is these situations and determine if it is time to cut all ties and stop wasting your hard earned money on someone who isn’t ever going to appreciate it.

Once you have opened your eyes and mind to seeing whom that girl really is, you can finally move on and invest in something that is mutually beneficial.

Here, to help you open your eyes, are the signs she is using you