Signs She is Crazy

Warning! Disturbing Signs She is Crazy

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Oh, the crazy girls are the worst and every man needs to know how to spot signs she is crazy before she gets the opportunity to go psycho on you which usually doesn’t take much.

If you are starting to be a little weary as to whether your beautiful girlfriend is really the great catch that you thought she was, then this is certainly for you.

Now, women have plenty of reasons for acting a little psychotic at times such as being that time of month or that she has a lot on her plate but there is no excuse good enough that explains completely irrational and disrespectful behavior that may very well make you feel extremely unsafe in the presence of.

So if you’re constantly being yelled at, blamed, told you’re a bad boyfriend or if your ears are simply bleeding with craziness being filling in them, pay attention to these warning sides.

It could be the beginning of a worse storm brewing down the road within your relationship. She isn’t just ‘complicated’, guys. She is flat out crazy.

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