Signs She Doesn't Like You

She’s Not Into You! 5 Signs She Doesn’t Like You Anymore

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#5: She Stops Giving You Special Treatment

One of the signs she doesn’t like you include that she stops giving you special treatment when compared to other guys. The point she is trying to make by treating you the same way she treats any other guy is to let you know that you are no longer a special person for her.

She may ignore your text messages and abruptly refuse your proposals to hang out, eat together or shop, while she had been doing all of these sometime ago.

In addition to this, she does not make any effort to look good for you in contrast to her behavior in the past when she wanted to have you.

If your girlfriend appears to be dismayed while talking to you, then there is something about you that repels her.

Of course, none of this could be your mistake and she might be overreacting, but if you really love her and notice sudden changes in her behavior as described above, then you might want to talk to her and find out what’s bothering her.