Signs She Doesn't Like You

She’s Not Into You! 5 Signs She Doesn’t Like You Anymore

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#4: She Doesn’t Take You Into Account Anymore

Are you in a relationship with a woman who usually discusses everything with you? Well, that’s great and that’s one reason why many relationships grow strong over time. However, men can get very confused if their partners suddenly stop discussing things with them. For instance, she can make plans without even including you in the picture.

Additionally, she can also flirt with other men to make you feel insignificant. This might seem childish and hurtful, but that’s how we women are programmed. Not all women do things to make their men jealous, but there is really a big percentage of women who make it obvious to their men that they are simply not interested anymore.

If you notice your lady love flirting with another men right in front of you, it could hurt you real bad. Added to that is the humiliation you might feel when she does that in front of people you know.

However, don’t lose your temper in such situations since that will only make matters worse for you. You might wonder why she’s displaying interest in other men intentionally when you’re around, but the answer is pretty simple. It only means that she isn’t interested in you any longer.

In some cases, women might also do it to get leverage against you. This could mean that she’s only trying to get your attention and might not leave you; however, this again implies that she’s not happy in the relationship. Another possibility might be that she is just trying to make you jealous of other guys so that you love her more, or she is testing your level of trust you have placed on her.