Signs She Doesn't Like You

She’s Not Into You! 5 Signs She Doesn’t Like You Anymore

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#3: Brief in Discussions

This is again related to communication and you need to be on red alert is she stops communicating with you. When couples go through the ‘puppy love’ phase where everything seems hunky dory, the woman usually tends to talk a lot.

This shows that she is really interested to plan everything with you. She will also expect you to take part in the discussions. She might be curious to know everything there is to know about you. This is always a good sign and you can rest assured that she definitely cares about you.

However, if she begins to maintain a distance from you, you can expect her to be brief with her discussions. The woman who just wouldn’t stop talking and raving about you suddenly goes cold. Has that happened to you? If yes, then she’s telling you that she’s losing interest.

When a woman begins to lose interest, it’s one of the signs that she doesn’t like you anymore. Remember that you can fall out of love as quickly as you fell in love. It’s no big deal really.

In addition, take note of how she replies when you aren’t next to each other. For example, if a simple question from you would incite friendly banter from her usually, it could be a sign that she’s interested; however, is she suddenly goes cold and replies only with monosyllables while texting you, then something is really wrong.

This could hurt someone who is genuinely in love with a woman. Therefore, if you notice that your love has suddenly gone silent, it’s time for you to talk to her and find out why she’s behaving that way. Be aware that she will be expecting you to clear the air, so give it your best and focus your strength on solving your problems.