Signs of Marriage Problems

Top 7 Signs of Marriage Problems (and How You Can Avoid Them)

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Literature has a thing for marriages. Some of our oldest stories are love stories, and the modern novel can trace its roots back to the medieval romance. Sometimes, all’s well (no signs of marriage problems) that ends well, and everyone lives happily ever after…

And then there are the stories where marriages hit the rocks, and then it’s far more complex and, indeed, compelling.

Can the couple save their marriage, and rekindle the spark which makes the bond between two people so worthwhile?

Or is it the end of the line—have they committed one of the Seven Deadly Marital Sins, and their marriage is now doomed beyond the point of redemption or repair?

A fairytale ending isn’t the path most marriages take.  That being said, it doesn’t have to end in tragedy, either.

Here are the top 7 signs of marriage problems, and ways to avoid or deal with them so you and your partner can find your own Happily Ever After