Signs He’s Using You

Is He a Player? 6 Sure Signs He’s Using You

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#6: He Makes Promises, But Never Fulfills Them

So many of the signs he is a player which we’ve talked about in this article stem from yet another of those relationship pillars—trust, or more accurately in this instance, a violation thereof.

This is especially true in this section.  Unfulfilled promises really do encapsulate so much of what’s been mentioned above in terms of signs he’s using you.

Asking for money, but not paying you back?  He surely seemed nice enough at the time, but then, of course, he doesn’t come through, and doesn’t return the favor.

Never wanting to go anywhere?  Maybe he made an excuse or promise the first time…and second…and third…but did they ever amount to anything?  Probably not.  And what about calling you, or talking to you, or heeding your complaints?  He might’ve promised to ‘change,’ or said that ‘next time will be different.’

If he didn’t change, and it’s been four or five ‘next times’ by now, chances are these are all unfulfilled promises, and likewise, all signs he is a player.

One thing you shouldn’t do when faced with such a situation is beat yourself up about it.  These type of predators prey most especially upon those who are already too vulnerable and hurt or otherwise too kind and trusting.

In short, you don’t need to add to the pain you must be feeling by blaming yourself.  You’re better than that.  He or she or they or whoever it is that has taken advantage of you, fiscally, sexually, or otherwise—THEY are to blame, NOT YOU.

And that goes for all of the aforementioned signs he’s using you which we’ve touched upon here—it’s not you, it’s him. However snobbishly he may have mentioned it, every human being DOES, in one way or another, possess what Higgins called ‘a soul and the divine gift of articulate speech’ and with it, a basic right to dignity, which means, you not only can do better, but deserve better.