Signs He’s Using You

Is He a Player? 6 Sure Signs He’s Using You

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#4: He Never Wants To Go Anywhere

So you and he have met a couple times, and things seem to be going smoothly enough.  You’ve been to his place…and spent the night.

He’s been to your place…and spent the night.  By now you’re both pretty well ‘acquainted’ with one another, to say the least, and all the magazines and articles and $20 dating and relationship books Amazon has to offer all say now’s the time to take the next step and go out on the town together—and THEN maybe come back home and spend the night.  There’s just one problem.

He doesn’t want to.

You suggest one place, and he says eh, he’s not that interested.

You suggest another, and again, he doesn’t seem to care.

By the time you suggest, oh, the fifteenth or so place and he STILL couldn’t care less about visiting you anywhere that doesn’t include ready access to sofa or bed, chances are pretty good that he’s displaying one of the telltale signs he’s using you for sex and sex alone.

After all, coupes tend to go places, do things, and be into more than just…well, each other.  People who are interested in just one thing, on the other hand, tend to be focused on that ‘one thing,’ and reject anything which slows them down in getting it.

As such, while most of these signs he is a player could be considered cases of extreme selfishness, you can also add laziness to the relationship sins being committed here.

If he never wants to go anywhere, that’s not just a big warning sign that he’s only interested in sex—it’s also a clear sign that he’s either too lazy to even pretend that that’s not his only goal, or cares so little about you that he doesn’t even bother if you notice that or not.

Either way, you can tell him where HE can go the next time he wants to come over—we’re betting he WON’T be spending the night.