Signs He’s Using You

Is He a Player? 6 Sure Signs He’s Using You

In Relationship Advice for Women by Interconnected Lives

#1: He Brushes Off Any Complaints

Complaints come up from time to time in any relationship.  Nobody’s perfect, after all.  That being said, some are more willing to accept their fallibility and, indeed, humanity than others, and an unwillingness on his part to accept any blame or take heed of any complaints you might have about his attitude or conduct is one of the classic signs he’s using you.

Why?  Simply put, it shows both a disregard for your point of view while exonerating himself and feeding into what would seem to be an already overlarge ego.

A relationship is, at its core, all about equality.  That goes for everything from emotional exchange to decision making to accountability.  Brushing off your complaints, therefore, isn’t just one of those signs he is a player, but likewise indicative of his not viewing you as his equal.

Furthermore, brushing you off shows that he doesn’t care about you as a person and instead only cares about you insofar as sex is concerned.  Complaints are a difficult thing for anyone to deal with.  No one likes criticism.  But to act as if he is completely immune to criticism, or that you and your criticisms are invalid?  That’s beyond merely being defensive and has reached the point of treating and, yes, using you as his servant.

What’s interesting about this in the context of different signs he is a player is that fact that this is what one might call an ‘early warning signal.’  As stated, criticism can be difficult to deal with, so how we DO deal with them can show a lot about our character.