Signs He’s Using You

Is He a Player? 6 Sure Signs He’s Using You

In Relationship Advice for Women by Interconnected Lives

Human beings are pattern-seeking creatures, so it does make sense that, on hearing and reading so many stories about signs he’s using you, even the slightest sneeze starts to set you on edge and smack of betrayal.

Well, let’s take a deep breath and slow down a bit.  Too often we have a way of blowing every little thing out of proportion and, as a result, see the worst in people.

With so many ‘how to tell if a guy is a player’ articles out there detailing all the different hints of infidelity and nastiness in relationships, it can be easy to become prone to paranoia and start to think; is she using me?

The sad fact is that there are plenty of signs he is a player out there, in part because we live in a culture which, despite the great progress we have made in the past decades and centuries, still allows for the misogynistic and absolutely unacceptable treatment of women by men, especially when it comes to sleep with you.

When women are treated more as objects for male pleasure than as people in and of themselves, the potential is always there to be ‘used’ as nothing but an object.

It’s hurtful, it’s harmful, it’s disgusting, and it’s wrong—period.

And while there are many approaches to the problem, we’re here to focus in on a specific issue, and identify six sure signs he’s using you