Signs He's Never Going to Marry You

He’s Not The One! 5 Unmistakable Signs He Will Never Marry You

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#5: The Wedding Date Changes

Men who feel pressured to make a move may present a ring but that doesn’t always mean that they are truthful to what that ‘proposal’ is supposed to mean. A common stalling tactic is to set the date of your wedding years into the future.

After all, if you’re getting married in 5 years, you just don’t need to talk about it right now and you have a ring on your finger so the pressure is off of him, right? Wrong.

As the date gets closer, you may find that his attitude changes and he is frantic to reschedule the wedding to an even further date.

If there has been no money put down on deposits for a wedding hall, caterers or other details of a wedding and he is pushing the date back, he may never intend to actually follow through with the wedding after all.

Actions speak louder than words and paying attention to this simple advice can show you the signs he will never marry you that may be extremely hard to come to terms with, but you will ultimately be able to finally move on and find the man of your dreams that just can’t wait to marry you.