Signs He's Never Going to Marry You

He’s Not The One! 5 Unmistakable Signs He Will Never Marry You

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The thought of discovering the signs he will never marry you can be terrifying but there is nothing worse than being emotionally invested into something that is never going to have the outcome that you are hoping for.

As a woman, it doesn’t take much to come up with some elaborate excuse as to why your boyfriend won’t propose, and although men do tend to desire marriage later than women do, there is a big difference between cold feet and simply not seeing marriage in your future together.

Men will even stay in relationships for years and years but when it comes to putting the relationship status on a certification, they call it quits. Now don’t get too down on yourself because it isn’t all bad news.

Discovering whether or not your boyfriend is ever going to put a ring on it allows you to determine your path and future.

In worst-case scenarios, you will be able to finally find someone that can’t wait to spend their life with you.

There is no excuse good enough to keep any woman with a man who doesn’t share the same relationship goals. Sometimes, ladies, it just isn’t procrastination and cold feet. Continue reading to find out the top signs he’s not the one for you