Signs He Will Cheat

Red Flags! 5 Signs He Will Cheat On You

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#5: He’s Suddenly Overly Busy

Whether he seems to be suddenly struck with overtime hours that extend to late hours of the night or is so busy that he frequently ignores your phone calls, these are good signs he will cheat or currently is.

Many cheaters use work as a way to cover up their infidelity because usually, it never gets questioned.

It’s also the perfect excuse because they can come home late, go away on weekends and basically disappear whenever they want to, again, with no questions being asked.

Now, just because your man may be working lots of overtime doesn’t mean he’s cheating but it’s something to be aware of especially if he is secretive about it.

Love is certainly blind, so if the people closest to you are also started to be suspicious of his behaviour, you may want to see if he has these other signs he will cheat or that he already has.