Signs He Loves You

10 Signs He Loves You Deeply

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#7: He Makes You Laugh

It is very easy to identify the trait of a man trying to make a woman laugh. Humor is a very important quality you must look for in your partner.

When all else fails, it’s only your humor that can keep you sane, so it’s the most important element in a relationship.

Any relationship without a bit of humor can seem bland and worthless. Some people even tend to get bored with their partners after a while, simply because their relationship lacks humor.

Guys are naturally funnier than women and women are naturally inclined towards men who have a good sense of humor.

Men who possess a good sense of humor have the advantage of flirting without getting much attention towards them while those who do not have it look rather made up and artificial whilst trying to make a girl laugh.

Men believe that if women look at them as humorous and funny individuals, they will try to retain contact with them, and this belief leads them to act and talk funny.