Signs He Loves You

10 Signs He Loves You Deeply

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#2: He Takes Interest

Another one of the signs he loves you is that a guy will ask you about your hobbies and interests. Odds are that the discussion starts with movies and weather and then heads towards a more personal conversation between the two of you.

Men are mostly interested in whether a woman is currently dating someone else or if she is single. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to date someone who’s in a committed relationship already, right? Similarly, a man would want to know if you’re single and ready to mingle too!

Once a man gets more information about the woman, he will try to figure out if he wants to go ahead with it.

So, when a guy asks about hobbies, favorite songs or favorite place, it is amongst the signs he loves you. This might sound like nonsense because you actually get a lot of men asking you about your hobbies; however, what I am trying to say here is that this could be the start of a great relationship and a sign that he is interested in you.