Signs He Is a Keeper

Don’t Let Him Go! Sure Signs He Is a Keeper

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#5: He Isn’t Explosive

It isn’t unnatural to fight or even yell at one another from time to time. Arguments are bound to happen but just like many of these other signs he is a keeper or isn’t, it is all about the way his actions are carried out.

If your boyfriend has never lashed out on you, has never gone ballistic in anger or totally blamed you for something ridiculous and has never called you a name, he is a keeper. He has respect and can rationalize in situations that aren’t always ideal.

On the contrary, if these explosive behaviours are happening at the beginning of the relationship, it is bound to get worse and you need to get out while you can. No one deserves to be treated poorly and although confrontation is inevitable, your man should respect you regardless.

Many of these signs he is a keeper come down to him having respect for you, and if you find that your boyfriend isn’t a culprit to any of these poor behaviours mentioned, you’re one lucky gal.