Signs He Is a Keeper

Don’t Let Him Go! Sure Signs He Is a Keeper

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#4: He Doesn’t Flirt With Other Women

This is one of the best signs he is a keeper because a man who doesn’t flirt with other women is a man that respects you and the foundation you have built together within your relationship. There isn’t much that is more disrespectful than a man looking over his shoulder at other females while he is holding his girlfriend’s hand and as you probably already experienced with others – many men do it.

You are lucky to have one of the few that don’t. Now, that isn’t to say that your boyfriend will never look at another woman or find another female attractive, but it is all in the way that he goes about it.

Saying someone is pretty is significantly different than telling a woman how sexy she is. If your boyfriend respects you enough to keep his hormones in check, he’s a keeper and knows how to treat a lady with respect.