Signs He Is a Keeper

Don’t Let Him Go! Sure Signs He Is a Keeper

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#3: He isn’t Overly Impulsive

Being impulsive isn’t necessarily a bad quality but it can definitely cause many problems down the road, especially if your boyfriend is overly impulsive.

If not, you have some excellent signs he is a keeper and this is because someone who reacts on impulse is usually frequent to make poor decisions without thinking of the consequences and they often tend to have a bad temper, irrational responses and people with impulsive personalities are even more likely to be substance abusers.

If your man is rational and well thought out especially when in the heat of the moment or when needing to make an important decision, this is a huge bonus and a quality that should be appreciated within any relationship.

Impulsive tendencies may seem exciting and fun at first, but many of these men will soon be impulsive when finding a new girlfriend as well.