Signs He Is a Keeper

Don’t Let Him Go! Sure Signs He Is a Keeper

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#2: He Has Never Lied About Something Significant

One of the best signs that he is a keeper is if he has never lied to you about something significant.

It is key to place importance on ‘something significant’ because chances are that little white lies will be told and it is absolutely unrealistic to look for someone that will never, ever lie to you.

However, significant lies about where he was, who he was with, what he does for a living, how long he has been single or even lying about where he grew up can leave a lot of room for much more deception down the road.

Simple things like lying about completing the errand you asked him to run isn’t too big of a deal – as long as the white lies are occasional, but those big, significant ones should never be overlooked.

It could be a huge warning sign that your relationship doesn’t have the strong foundation you thought it had, and if he is willing to deceive you once, he will likely do it again.

A better question to ask yourself is why he lied about these things. Trust is crucial in a healthy relationship and it needs to be there if you plan on pursuing one together.