Signs He Doesn't Love You

Don’t Waste Your Time On Him! Disturbing Signs He Doesn’t Love You

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#5: He Cheats, Especially If He Does So More Than Once

You know the old saying, ‘fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me?’

The same sort of logic is at play here.

Now granted, cheating even once is grounds for dismissal.  You shouldn’t have to put up with that, and you frankly don’t have to—it’s your choice whether or not you wish to be incredibly forgiving or else simply send the cheat packing.  But if he does it again?  That’s not just one of the classic signs he doesn’t love you—it’s a big bright neon one flashing TURN BACK!!!

It’s also a sign he doesn’t respect you which, as we’ve already stated, is yet another one of those can-miss signs he doesn’t love you…and that, frankly, he doesn’t deserve your love.  A relationship is just that, how two people conduct and care about one another relative to each other.

Cheating is a violation of two vital tenants of any healthy relationship—equality and valuing your partner at least as much as you do yourself.  If your partner cheats repeatedly and expects to get away with it, they’re slanting the nature of the relationship in their favor while disregarding your feelings, thereby making it unequal and likewise devaluing and denigrating you.

Denigrating you in such a fashion is anything but a sign of respectful.  If they cheat and don’t feel it’s ‘a big deal,’ they’re valuing their own desires above and before your wants and feelings, thereby skewering the relationship and making it unequal.

It should be noted that if you are involved in a polyamorous or ‘open’ relationship, rules and relations regarding fidelity might be looser, but of course that should be discussed beforehand and agreed upon.

To cheat on a partner is to break a promise to them—a dirty act, and if he does it again, for sure one of those signs he doesn’t like you.