Signs He Doesn't Love You

Don’t Waste Your Time On Him! Disturbing Signs He Doesn’t Love You

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#3: He Cancels Again…And Again…And Again…

So, you’ve finally made time to be together.  It’s been a bumpy ride, and maybe you’ve had to deal with one or two of the other aforementioned signs he doesn’t love you, but that’s all in the past, and you’re finally in the clear!

And then he cancels on you.

Well, things happen, right?  He probably had a good reason.  (That’s what he says, anyway.)  So you make plans to go out again, you’ve been excited about this all week, you’re getting ready and…

Yep.  There’s the text.  He’s canceled again.

And again, and again, and again.

This really is one of those can’t-miss signs he doesn’t love you.  We’ve already said that not making time is a pretty good indicator that he’s just not that into you, but repeatedly cancelling takes that to a whole new level.

Where the former could be simply a case of gross negligence, the latter is often an even more passive-aggressive hint that things are over between you two.

Not making time is bad enough—but repeatedly making promises and raising your expectations of a meeting, only to cancel again and again and again?  That might well be your partner trying to blow you off and ease you out the door.

Whether or not this is one of those signs he doesn’t care about you or simply Lemony Snicket-worthy ‘series of unfortunate events’ depends on a variety of factors, most notably the frequency and timing of the cancellations.

Cancelling multiple times, months apart?

Probably nothing to stress about.

Cancelling four straight weekends in the row?

He might just be sending you a message.

Cancelling days ahead of time?

Well, at least he was courteous enough to give you a heads up.

Cancelling at the day of or—even worse—after you’ve been waiting for an hour or two for him to arrive?

It might be time to come to terms with this as one of those signs he doesn’t love you like you deserve.