Signs He Doesn't Love You

Don’t Waste Your Time On Him! Disturbing Signs He Doesn’t Love You

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#2: He doesn’t Respect You Or Your Opinions

What is the ‘meat’ of any relationship…how do you know if he DOES love you?

Betty Everett would have you believe ‘It’s In His Kiss‘ and while there may be some truth to that, the fact is it’s another soulful song that gives the vital answer here—sing it with us, now…‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T!’

More than Aretha Franklin’s signature tune, if there really is something powerful and poignant in his kiss, chances it’s because there’s a spark between you, and for that to be true you two have to respect each other on some level, even if it’s only physically.

Without that element of respect and mutual valuation, it’s just one person taking advantage of another, and that’s not romantic or respectful (or legal, if it goes too far.)

So, one of the clearest signs he doesn’t really love you is a lack of respect.  We probably don’t have to tell you all the different ways that can manifest, so let’s instead shift gears a bit and talk about not respecting one’s opinions.

That’s another one of those signs he doesn’t love you, but it can be harder to discuss openly, as we we’ve popularized the view today that ‘everyone has a right to their opinion.’  So, if he disagrees with you, hey, that’s just his opinion, right?

Yes—if he does so respectfully.

Acting dismissively or like your opinion is lesser, or doesn’t matter than all, or treats you like some ‘chained up little person still in love with you,’ you might do well to remember what Gloria Gaynor—take a moment to tell yourself, ‘I Will Survive’ without this person…now I’m saving all my loving for someone who’s loving me.’

We include Everett, Franklin and Gaynor here together for a reason (and not just that they make for a fantastic musical odyssey.)  All three of their songs sound confident, and the speakers in all three songs ARE confident.

Confidence breeds from respecting oneself and being respected, and so a lack of respect towards you isn’t just one of those signs he doesn’t care about you—it might well be a sign that this big shot isn’t as confident in himself as he’d lead you to believe.