Signs He Doesn't Love You

Don’t Waste Your Time On Him! Disturbing Signs He Doesn’t Love You

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#1: Hedoesn’t Make Time for You…Ever

There’s a difference between not having time and not making time.  The former happens sometimes—or often, really, especially if you and/or your partner are career-driven or are working jobs that have long hours and are simply exhausting.

Sometimes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day, but that’s not his fault or yours, and if you two had it your way, you’d spend the day together.  He’s still into you; it’s just external forces that are keeping the two of you apart.

Not making time, on the other hand?  That implies that you two could be together, but he is making choices that ensure that that won’t happen.

Working 12 hours and coming home exhausted?  That’s one thing.  Working, coming home, and choosing to go out with his bros instead of you?  That’s just one of those can’t-miss signs he doesn’t love you anymore to put you first even some of the time.

Now, before you take this as your cue to end the relationship in dramatic fashion, you might want to try at least pointing this problem out to him first.

After all, we all have a way of getting wrapped up in our own little worlds sometimes, so it might not be so much one of those signs he doesn’t love you so much as a sign that he doesn’t know what he’s doing is hurting you.  That’s not OK either, but it is something you two can at least work on.

Actively deciding not to make time for you, on the other hand, is reason enough to make him an ex.