Signs He Doesn't Love You

Don’t Waste Your Time On Him! Disturbing Signs He Doesn’t Love You

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Your friends have been whispering about it.  Your family’s been asking you about it.  Ellen just so happens to be running a special on it.  Now, all the sudden, you’re starting to worry about it too. Are you getting paranoid or are you just not catching onto the signs he doesn’t love you?

Well, hopefully it’s not either, though it’s worth noting before we begin that it can be easy to start over-analyzing everything to the point where his forgetting to say ‘bless you’ once after you sneeze seems like a surefire sign he’s sending you on the Last Train to Dumpsville when, in fact, he was just busy texting his friends about how awesome your night out together is.  (Texting during a date or a night out is a problem unto itself, but one problem at a time.)

Before we again, let’s address that issue of paranoia.  First, it’s important to recognize that the things on this list are, for the most part, persistent and consistent faults.

We all foul up from time to time, and so your guy is probably going to accidentally trip over himself and into one or more of these faults if you two stay together for any length of time.

Not every incident is one of those signs he doesn’t really love you—thinking that way WILL get you feeling paranoid—it simply means your partner is (gasp!) human, made a mistake, and needs a little bit of polite but firm correction.

Further, it’s important to note that if it’s true he doesn’t love you, that’s no reason for you to stop loving yourself.  You matter, you have value in and of yourself, and if he can’t see that, it’s his loss, NOT yours.

So, with all that said and done, here are six signs he doesn’t love you