Signs He Doesn't Love You Anymore

11 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

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#3: His Priorities Changed

During the first few years of a relationship, a man might be committed to his woman. You might be his only love and he could be willing to do everything you want.

However, in many cases, things change and the relationship begins to change too. The changes are imperceptible – just like a seedling where you can’t discern the changes – but as time goes by, it grows and becomes something entirely different.

This isn’t true for many relationships, but when the novelty wears off in some relationships, it could certainly be problematic.

Changes usually begin with the man ignoring the woman’s text messages and calls.  Men usually come up with various excuses whenever they feel that they are stuck with a woman.

Of course, you might not be at fault at all, but this is just to illustrate that the man could be losing interest in the relationship.

He will start hanging out more and more with his friends and family who will suddenly be more important to him. One way to know that he is no longer in love is by checking how far up the list you are when it comes to important people in his life.