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The Biggest OMG Sex and the City Quotes

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Talking about Sex and the City quotes can be surprisingly difficult given that…well, when you get down to it, the whole series almost feels like simply a series of quotes, one after another, until you’re left with those three words generally shortened into one text-able outburst—OMG!

Whether that’s a good OMG or a bad OMG is really up to you.  We’re not here to judge—Carrie and Samantha do more than their fair share of that already—but how you respond to these Sex and the City quotes and, indeed, the show, does say something about your attitude towards pop culture as a whole.

Do you laugh when Samantha makes a ‘lewd’ sexual comment about herself, a guy, or both for, oh, the two hundredth time?  Do you find yourself wishing you could make the same kind of crack that quickly yourself?

Perhaps you find yourself wondering how anyone could possibly sympathize with characters and such pampered First-First-First World Problems?

One thing’s for sure—whether you think it’s witty or something that rhymes with that word, Sex and the City was and remains one of the defining shows for this past generation, and accomplished that largely through knowing its target audience and spoke to them without speaking down to them, or glamorizing problematic or abusive relationships.

And that already makes it Fifty Shades Better than some other ‘pandering’ works out there.

With all that out of the way, let’s take a seven of the biggest OMG Sex and the City quotes