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Women of Wit and Wisdom – The Modern Queens of Sarcastic Humor

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We are truly blessed to live in this particular era—one of sparkling world peace, economic stability and prosperity, social harmony, and…by now, you’ve probably caught onto the fact that this opening line is, like so much of our daily correspondence, simply dripping with sarcastic humor (or a feeble attempt at it, anyhow.)

All jokes aside, as TV viewers, we are lucky to live in this particular day and age for one reason at least—namely, the overabundance of witty, sharp and sarcastic leading ladies gifted to us over the last 25 years or so.

Yes, if you’ve grown up as what is now being termed the Millennial Generation, then chances are you’re quite familiar with some if not most of the shining examples of snark on this list.

More than mere women of wit or queens of sarcastic humor, however, each of these female leads brings something different to the table.

You’ll find everything from some surprisingly-good role models to some terrifically dominant and gleefully droll ladies on this list—proof positive that even in an age where fat shaming and the overall exploitation and sexism displayed towards women in media is still (sadly) alive, there is reason to believe that, perhaps, this new generation will be more progressive and allow women to branch out and be appreciated for their brains as well as their bodies, especially if these characters are any indication.

So, without further ado, here are our Top Six Contemporary Queens of Sarcastic Humor