Same Sex Marriage

6 Reasons to Support Same Sex Marriage Today

In Lesbian Relationships by Interconnected Lives

Same sex marriage—the term carries a definite weight to it.  In one respect, that’s a shame, as so much of that weight can be seen as burdening what should be a liberating experience, namely, the expression of love and devotion which we today associate with marriage.  On the other hand, it gives a hint at just what a big deal this issue is today.

From the Enlightenment’s quest for democratized states to Women’s Suffrage Movement and the continuing ripples and Waves of feminism still being felt today to the Civil Rights act in the 1960s, Western society has been tested time and again, generation after generation for the struggle for equal rights.

The LGBT Rights Movement is a further extension of those ideals, and at the forefront today is the issue of same sex marriage.

There are many who oppose it, and many who are for it, and a considerable amount of time and energy is expended on debate everywhere from churches and college campuses to street corners and the Supreme Court to tackle the question of what love and marriage are and mean in a traditional as well as modern context, and how those ideals mesh with our current system of law.

As the same sex marriage movement gains momentum, here are six reasons to support it today