Romantic Valentines Day Ideas

6 Fantastic Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas to Impress Your Loved One

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#2: A Romantic Valentine’s Theme Day

Great romantic Valentine’s Day ideas don’t come much more comprehensive than this.  This is for the Valentine’s Day romantic who wants to go all out and really show his or her partner that they’ve been paying attention.

Chances are, you’ve been to a themed party before. Halloween parties, cosplaying at Comic Con, a wedding—all are potential examples of a themed event.Romantic Valentines Day Ideas 2 romantic valentines day ideas 6 Fantastic Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas to Impress Your Loved One Romantic Valentines Day Ideas 2

Once again, you’re going to have to pay close attention to all the little details which make up whatever book, film or medium of interest of your partner’s which you are using as the basis for this theme day.

After all, chances are they know every little chapter and inch of their favorite book, movie, franchise or cultural pursuit, backwards and forwards—that’s part of why they love it, after all, and why you’ve chosen to use it as the basis for your Valentine’s Day gift.

As such, the key here is research that comes across more caring and less calculated.

You don’t want to buy your significant other something that seems completely obvious and ‘safe.’

That doesn’t show a lot of insight on your part, or interest.  What’s more, it can come across as an attempt to win cheap points by viewing the path to your partner’s heart to be a simple equation:

You + Candy + Doctor Who = XOXO

Instead, go that extra mile.  Let’s take the aforementioned example of Doctor Who—what does your partner like about Doctor Who?  What are their favorite episodes, and why?  Who is their favorite Doctor, and why?

Do they think bowties, trench coats and suits, or scarves are cool, and why?  (And have you caught onto the vital importance of that ‘and why?’ part?  And by the way, the ‘correct’ answer to last question?  Scarves—scarves and jelly babies forever.)

So how can you make this work?