Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Fantastic Romantic Anniversary Ideas to Impress Your Loved One

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

Thinking up romantic anniversary ideas can seem like a daunting task indeed. Here are just a few suggestions for commemorating your marriage to that special one.

With more than 7 billion human beings on Earth, the process of coupling and uncoupling between partners is something which must happen millions of times a day, at least.  How many partners who meet on a first date ever make it to a second or third date?  What about a Thanksgiving or Christmas?

It’s a tricky business indeed, so if you’re lucky enough to conquer the odds, find that special someone, and make it to the altar, you’re sure to want to want to celebrate the occasion with some romantic anniversary ideas.

That being said, every person and every partner is different—as you’re sure to have learned from a few of those ‘uncoupling’ breakup sessions—so how can you find a great anniversary gift which your partner will like without coming across as cliché or uncaring?

To quote Polonius’ immortal words of wisdom from Hamlet, ‘This above all: to thine ownself be true’—or, rather, to thyself as well as thy partner be true.  It’s been a year, maybe many years, maybe even decades—chances are, you know more about your partner and the nature of your marriage than you give yourself credit for.

Just remember to always, always want to make sure anniversary gifts have a personalized touch to them.  Remember—your partner can pick up any old tchotchke, perfume or PlayStation on their own.  Simply buying them something expensive or something they’d ‘like’ isn’t quite sufficient.

‘Pure commercialism’ and ‘romantic anniversary ideas’ don’t exactly mesh.  Rather, a great anniversary gift is born first and foremost of your understanding of your partner and manner in which you choose to show your devotion.

Another general tip?  Find that sweet spot between ‘dull and predictable’ and ‘out of left field.’  Going back to our old pal Polonius, who—before his tragic end—provides a few moments of comic relief in the play, comedy is all about timing, and build and then properly break tension.  A similar principle may apply for romance.

You want to build, if not tension, then a feeling of ‘anticipation’ between yourself and your partner, as that’s part of where the excitement comes from in the relationship.

On the other hand, if you let yourself get carried away and pick something which is completely alien to them, you’re likely to have a very baffled partner come anniversary time.

Even so, there’s no shortage of romantic anniversary ideas