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Romance Books: Where Love Stories Go Wrong and Lessons Learned

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From the page to the screen to the bedroom to divorce court-Where and how do love stories in romance books go wrong?

The Young Adult Novel is a topic which is sure to set a room full of English majors to arguing, debating and attempting to out-interpret one another (but then, what doesn’t?)

That being said, whether you’re firmly on the side of the young adult novel, utterly against it.

Or are just a regular consumer who could care less about fancy labels and instead just want to read the latest, most popular romance book series, these kinds of book series have come to stand as some of our most popularly-consumed tales of romance and lust of our time.

Think about that for a moment.

In an age of big-budget blockbusters featuring everything from superheroes to space battles, it’s these often-supernatural romance books that are coming out on top.

But just how good are the relationships at play in the biggest of these blockbuster romance books franchises, where do they go wrong, and what can you learn from them to keep your own relationship or marriage from fading to black?

Let us take a look at some of these Romance Books