Relationships and Social Media: Do’s & Don’ts

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An important thing to understand when discussing relationships and social media is that just because you met online, it does not mean that everything about your relationship should be as well.

You can find that amazing, perfect and wonderful partner online, but that should probably be where the online interaction stops.

So many of us fall into the ‘It’s not official until it’s on Facebook’ craze, that we forget what putting your relationship on social media can really do.

Just like you wouldn’t want to have your in-laws in the honeymoon suite after the wedding, do you really want your third cousin twice removed, to have a say in what happens in your relationship?

That’s exactly what you’re inviting when you make your relationship ‘Facebook Official’.

If you want to have any hope of creating a stable, open and trusting relationship, keep it far, far away from social media.

Sharing special things like anniversary dinner pics and vacations with 500 of your closest friends is fine.

Keep the arguing, relationship status and griping about your significant other to a minimum.  The opposite is true as well, no one really wants to see a two page status and comments about how you each love the other more.

It’s like watching people make out on the street corner – you know you should look away and want to, but you just can’t.  There’s nothing wrong with loving each other, but the love needs to stay between the two of you.

Here is a  list of the do’s and don’ts of handling relationships and social media