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Relationship Quizzes: What Kind of Relationship Are You in?

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Ah, relationship quizzes…what would we do without them?

However would you know how strong the bond is between you and a boyfriend without knowing what their favorite color is or whether they loathe or merely cringe uncomfortable at the thought of watching a Meg Ryan flick.

Or whether they prefer the comedic stylings of Billy Crystal or Adam Sandler? (The correct answer, by the way, is Billy Crystal—if they’re a fan of anything Adam Sandler’s done post-Click, save your sanity and end things. Now.)

That may seem somewhat silly—and rest assured, it is—but it’s also an example of just one of the many factors that go into determining a relationship’s success or failure.

Sniping at Adam Sandler aside, dumping a boyfriend (or girlfriend, for that matter) on the grounds of personal taste alone can come across as a little shallow or cruel, but cultural appreciation does play a role in relationships.

Granted, Grown Ups 2 counts as ‘culture’ in the same way that the yellowish processed something or other issuing forth from a can of Cheese Whiz is technically ‘cheese,’ but still, taste impacts compatibility, and that in turn can help decide what kind of relationship you’re in, the foundations on which it is based, and how long things between you two will last.

Let’s take these 6 Relationship quizzes to find out what kind of relationship you are in

  • Quiz #1: Which romantic movie describes your relationship?
  • Quiz #2: What is your couple personality?
  • Quiz #3: Which love song best describes your relationship?
  • Quiz #4: Which two foods are you and your partner?
  • Quiz #5: What kind of relationship do you have?
  • Quiz #6: Is your relationship worth it?

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