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6 Relationship Questions to Ask Him to Deepen Your Connection

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Relationship questions are one of the most ubiquitous topics when it comes to outlets for dating and relationship advice.

Some of these take a serious turn, asking you and your partner to really probe the deepest recesses of one another’s psyches.  Other times, it’s a bit more ‘If I were an ice cream flavor, what flavor would I be?’

In part, that’s because the structure and layout of these relationship quizzes or tests or profiles or whatever you’d like to call them are as indicative of the kind of approach you’re taking to matters as the actual responses to the questions themselves.

After all, couples counseling is likely to take rather a different approach and tone when it comes to relationship questions and exploring the overall health of your relationship than, say, Cosmo.

Choose your relationship quiz, and you choose the kind of relationship questions that you’re likely to face and, thus, potentially find a line of questioning which best suits your ends.

Then again, that last portion of can sound a bit fishy, right?  ‘Suiting your ends?’  What are relationship quizzes supposed to be about—determining the health of your relationship, or serving your own ends to prove a point you already wish to make?  (Or maybe it is just as simple as your wanting to kill a few minutes by Buzzfeeding away.)

All of this is to say that our selection of 6 relationship questions you should ask him in order to deepen your connection is intended to provide a good starting point for couples looking to take the next step together, as well as for partners wondering how to get him to open up a little