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6 Mistakes We Learn from Reddit Relationships You’ll Never Make Again

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 #6: Reddit Dating

Let’s cap our look at the evolving world of reddiquette with the age-old lament those lovelorn lads and lasses everywhere who just happen to have fallen in love with someone charismatic, brooding or attractive, perhaps, but abusive, indifferent, callous or cruel—

I can change them!

Not only is this a bad idea, but it doesn’t have a very high success rate, and can be used to justify the crimes of an abusive partner.

This likewise ties right back into our earlier themes on reddiquette—not treating people online like actual people, and making rash choices as a result.  It can be tempting to think that your tap-tap-tapping away at your keyboard and posting message after message is going to be persuasive enough to change someone’s opinion.

After all, part of the allure of both Reddit and relationships is this very interplay between different people sharing their different ideas.  The comments section on Reddit can either be a wonder or horror to behold, depending on how well the people in said Reddit happen to conduct themselves, and that’s likewise true of relationships.

However, because we still have the stigma of the online world somehow not being real, people think they can get away with more or otherwise change people in ways they might not were they in real life.

If someone kept screaming in your face or calling you horrible names every time you disagreed even slightly with them, chances are you wouldn’t want to stay in a relationship with that person (we hope.)

But online, people will get caught up in those aforementioned flame wars, or just not take things seriously or otherwise think that, hey, this NEXT comment will change him/her!

And that’s simply not the case, in relationships or on Reddit.  After all, what sets Reddit apart is its customizability—the fact that you can select what stories and topics you want to see more of, and interact with others accordingly.

That allows Reddit relationships to grow and blossom—so long as you remember that, in personalizing your own Reddit, the people with which you interact online are still people, and should be treated with the proper degree of reddiquette.