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6 Mistakes We Learn from Reddit Relationships You’ll Never Make Again

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#5: Reddit Couples

And then there are the little mistakes.  Sure, a tiny mishap here or there likely won’t be a deal-breaker, but committing them over and over can leave your partner feeling like Sideshow Bob after stepping on so many rakes.

Here, then, are a few quick tidbits and tips on basic online reddiquette to avoid spoiling a relationship before it even begins:

  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that text-speak is NOT an effective or appropriate way to woo or win someone over. Hey baby wan sext?…cm on u no u want me…Not with that kind of careless, classless approach we don’t.  You know the old adage, dress for the job that you want?  The same goes for relationships and how you conduct yourself online—use the words
  • Complimenting a person’s appearance, ESPECIALLY online, can come across as awkward at best and creepily-invasive at best. Instead, if you want to compliment someone.
  • Drunk texting, messaging, or posting on Reddit is never, never, NEVER a good idea.
  • Always make sure to distinguish between taking an interest in someone and, you know, stalking them via Reddit, Facebook, or another online medium. If you’ve spent any amount of time online, chances are you won’t be surprised to hear that each year brings countless cases of horrific online harassment suits.
  • Even if things don’t go that far, however, because of the ability to quickly search and learn about someone online, it’s tempting to forgo the privacy and proper etiquette OR reddiquette and simply go for it. DON’T.  It DOES NOT show you care—on the contrary, it shows you don’t respect boundaries, and could be a relationship killer.