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6 Mistakes We Learn from Reddit Relationships You’ll Never Make Again

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#4: Reddit Relationship

Let’s focus in on one of the most important aspects of proper reddiquette, namely how you treat people online.

What sets Reddit apart is the way in which responses are weighted according to their applicability and popular support.  The more on topic and crowd-pleasing your responses, the better reception they—and by extension you—will get.

On the other hand, as the site itself recognizes, there’s always the temptation to treat the person in front of you as just a person-less name or avatar, there for you to use and abuse as you wish.  After all, you can’t actually SEE the person you just bombarded with threats, slurs and four-letter words, so clearly they don’t really count as an actual person, right?


More and more, both individuals and the legal system are cracking down on these kinds of offenders.  Women in particular face an inordinate and unacceptable amount of abuse online.  It should go without saying that committing actions which are akin to harassment or abuse, both legal and psychological, are sure-fire ways to not just torpedo any hopes you might have in this relationship, but indeed, end future hopes in a hurry.

After all, what is the Internet but the quickest means of communication and information—sharing that mankind has ever seen?  There are numerous sites now dedicated to keeping track of and exposing serial cheaters, for example.

The same is coming to pass for those who make Internet harassment a hobby of theirs.  Do it, and you can be sure that, whether it’s via a sub-Reddit or another site, you’ll be outed for your crimes.

What’s more, sites like Reddit take their social conduct policies very seriously, meaning that you don’t just risk losing a relationship by harassing others or otherwise being belligerent—rather, you risk being blocked and banned from the site altogether.