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6 Mistakes We Learn from Reddit Relationships You’ll Never Make Again

In Dating Advice for Men by Interconnected Lives

#1: Etiquette Rules

Do you disagree with our first topic on the subject of Reddit relationships?

Well, don’t jump that gun and get all defensive or fight us on it—that’s itself is a major relationship faux pas, and it’s not hard to see why.  Whether you’re highly competitive, strongly opinionated or just can’t get enough of talking to people, some personality types just love a good debate.

Even so, however, you have to resist the urge to jump the gun when it comes to discussing things with your partner—what you take as a heated but friendly debate they might take as an all-too-unfriendly argument.

Let’s think about the implications of those two words for a moment.  When we say debate, we usually mean something with at least the facsimile of shared politeness and order.  You don’t see—well, you’re not SUPPOSED to see political candidates cutting one another off or making lewd accusations during the course of political debate.

We’ve seen a lot of that this debate season, but chances are Donald Trump isn’t going to ask Carly Fiorina out on a date any time soon (though wouldn’t THAT be interesting?)  Still, that infamous example is enough to show the difference between a polite debate and the absurdities of a debate.

After all, whatever your own politics are, chances are you don’t want your relationship to take on the tone of a Trump/Fiorina clash—not exactly the language of romance, is it?

If you do, we’re willing to be that that’ll be one of Reddit relationship mistake you’ll never make again.