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Top 6 Reddit Relationship Advice Tips You’ll Ever Need

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#6: Reddit Dating

Of course, one of the most important pieces of relationship advice concerns when to ‘take things to the next level’—or, in this case, ‘take it off reddit.’  After all, for as great a site as it is, it doesn’t really exist for two people to flirt back and forth with one another indefinitely.  If you’re serious about getting together with Mr. Right_Username, you’re going to have to know when to ‘make a move,’ or otherwise accept an offer on his end.

A good rule of thumb is to never accept an invitation which makes you feel uncomfortable.  That goes for real-life relationships as well as for reddit ones.  It can be easy and, indeed, all too tempting to talk ourselves into something we’re not quite ready for or comfortable with.

While it’s true that you very rarely find love or get to experience all of life’s many wonders by staying in your comfort zone, living dangerously or with a constant sense of unease regarding who you’re with and your own personal safety is no way to live, either.  As such, you should never give out personal information-ie, Facebook or smartphone contact info—if these feelings exist in the slightest regarding the person with whom you are reddit buddies.

What’s more, if he or she really are the right person for you, they’ll understand.  It’s not as if it goes against any common law of Internet courtesy to tell a total stranger that you’re not quite right to meet up for dinner and a movie yet.

If they’re the right person, even if they’re disappointed by this, they’ll still be happy with the chances they do have to speak with you, and maybe in time you two can naturally grow together to the point where you BOTH feel comfortable with ‘taking it off reddit.’

And if not, you always have the option to block them.

And that in itself really is one of the best reddit relationship advice tips—that no matter what, it’s your reddit, and your life.  You can add and remove people or reddits at will.  Life is yours to customize, so make sure you’re happy with the final result.