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Top 6 Reddit Relationship Advice Tips You’ll Ever Need

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#5: Subreddits

It can be difficult being a New York Mets fan sometimes.  Sure, ‘the fans are true to the Orange and Blue,’ and taking the Seven Train to Citi Field or old Shea Stadium can be a great way to ‘Meet the Mets,’ but with the crushing end to the 2006 NLCS, the late season collapses and 9-year playoff drought, having Bernie Madoff’s buddy Fred Wilpon as an owner, suffering through countless inuries and Chase Utley (as a Phillie AND Dodger) heartbreak has long haunted the Kings of Queens.

Still, you’re a fan, and want to share your enthusiasm with someone.  Enter the New York Mets sub-reddit where everyone might not know your name Cheers-style, but everyone still cheers for the team you know and love—and hey, you might even meet someone TO love while there!  After all, sharing a common interest is a classic way to meet someone, and more and more couples are meeting online, so why not give a reddit relationship a try?

Look for someone who has the same common interest as you—simple, that’s your shared love of those Amazin’ Mets—and then, from there, see if any single poster routinely catches your eyes in terms of what they post, or you both have a habit of hitting it off together.  Don’t ‘swing for the fences,’ as it were, and go from strangers to partners overnight and all online.  Instead, you might simply consider trying to message this person privately and see about meeting sometime…

Say, 7pm, two seats by the Pepsi Porch in right field, with Matt Harvey throwing heat?