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Top 6 Reddit Relationship Advice Tips You’ll Ever Need

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#3: Reddit Couples

We live in a society right now that doesn’t exactly praise or reward compromising moderates.  That isn’t who is represented on the airwaves, and that’s not who makes waves in both mass media and smaller time efforts.  The same holds true on news and debate-based sites such as reddit.

It can often feel like if you give an inch in an argument, and kinda sorta maybe admit the other side has a point, or else admit that you yourself made a small error, that the collective pack of the Internet will pounce on you.

Anyone familiar with the way an Internet argument works can relate to this.  Whether it’s on reddit or elsewhere, the temptation to keep hitting ‘Reply’ and keep the argument going on your end is oh-so-tempting.  Because you’re right—obviously!  I mean, sure, you haven’t been able to convince this person through 256 posts that you’re right, but SURELY the 257th time will be the charm, right?


In fact, for as much as we say ‘please’ is the magic word, ‘I was wrong’ are three magic words we don’t hear enough of today, and they can do wonders for your relationship.  It shows that you have the character and maturity to make such an admission to another party, when admitting such a thing can leave you feeling so vulnerable.

Chances are, any romantic partner of yours will know and recognize that.  Likewise, they’ll likely what an incredible show of trust it is on your part to say ‘I was wrong’ while trusting you not to laugh at or pounce on them like so many ‘trolls’ and ‘flamers’ on reddit and elsewhere.  Paradoxically, ‘I was wrong’ are three words that make things between you and your ‘right’ again.