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Top 6 Reddit Dating Hacks to Get the Girl of Your Dreams

In Dating Advice for Men by Interconnected Lives

Have you try reddit dating? The wide world of online dating has brought us many things, and while not all of them are good, there’s no doubt that thousands upon thousands of couples around the world have been brought together through the power of such sites as JDate, OKCupid and, yes, even some reddit dating here and there.

Then again, reddit hookup and finding the girl of your dreams are two different matters altogether.  Sure, people are swiping left and right all across Tinder, but no one seriously recommends that app as a way to find The One. It’s there, primarily, for quick, cheap fun between consenting adults, and hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.

That paradoxical, love-hate relationship we have with the idea of finding The One is complicated to say the least, which might explain the propensity for self-proclaimed reddit dating advice out there.

With so many using the site, it has quickly become an invaluable resource—but which reddit relationship advice, if any, actually works?

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a stone-cold realist, here are six reddit dating hacks to help you get the girl of your dreams