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Insane Reddit AskMen Dating Hacks to Make Her Want You Badly

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#6: Reddit Relationship Advice

Setting yourself apart and becoming an integral and, indeed, irreplaceable part of someone’s life is easily one of the most organic ways of making someone want you.

We mentioned earlier how women don’t tend to like being treated as disposable objects rather than real people, and the same goes for men.

You don’t WANT to be disposable, but irreplaceable.  You need to not just fill some niche or need in a woman’s life, but do so in such a way that BOTH OF YOU find the relationship meaningful, pleasurable and having added so much that to subtract you from their lives would be to lose too much.

How can you go about doing that?

Well, let’s run through our list of qualifications again.  You need to treat a girl well and give her a reason to like you as a person.  Showing an interest in her life is great, just so long as you don’t take it too far and come across as being clingy sob case, or condescendingly pampering.

A little time apart can make her (and you) appreciate the time you spend together even more.  Coming across as a little exotic or different can definitely strengthen your case, just as long as that difference is authentic (sorry, your impression of David Tennant isn’t going to make her mistake you for the real thing.)

With all that in place, it’s up to you to become irreplaceable.  Find a role in her life that she’s comfortable with you inhabiting while still mattering and you’re on the right track.  Note that this doesn’t mean that you will necessarily start off as her boyfriend.

And being friends just to be friends is fine—you shouldn’t enter into secretly planning on something more.  That being said, securing your place in her life is a crucial step in allowing things to grow between you in an organic fashion.

Can you really do all of that online, and especially on a site like Reddit?  Maybe not, but you can definitely get a good start.  You can set yourself apart, have those conversations, and fill a nice little online niche for her.

If things proceed in a positive direction, and she freely comes to want you badly enough that SHE takes the first steps in initiating a more intimate relationship, you’ll have these Reddit AskMen dating hacks to thank.