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Insane Reddit AskMen Dating Hacks to Make Her Want You Badly

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#5: Reddit Dating Advice

Yet another tip on how to get a girl to want you badly that’s seemingly obvious but too often overlooked?  Finding a way to stand out and, more particularly, coming across as truly different to her.

Too many men make the mistake of thinking that getting a girl is all about being an alpha or bro or, in other words, making it all about themselves.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  To appeal to women you have to actually appeal to their tastes.

For example, whether you think a posh English accent is a mark of sophistication, French the language of love, Italian the language of opera or the many different Russian and Slavic languages hotter than a Molotov cocktail, the fact remains that, cliché or no, some men and women are simply more attracted to certain accents than others.

Some of that’s potentially conditioned—ie, associating a British accent with drawing room dramas like Downton Abbey and not, you know, real working class people with real problems—but some of it can also stem from just the sheer exoticism of it all.  If you don’t see or hear something every day, it can come across as new and exciting…

And thus a rare, valuable, and suddenly deeply desired quality.

Find something about yourself that sets you apart from other men around you—be it the way you talk, dress, act, etc.—and see if you can’t find women who not only find those qualities attractive, but want them as badly as you want them.