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Insane Reddit AskMen Dating Hacks to Make Her Want You Badly

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#3: Reddit Dating

Another quick and easy way to increase a girl’s interest level in her?  After you’ve given her something in which to be interested…give her time to miss it, and miss you.

That doesn’t mean playing hard to get, as that shtick’s rather played out by this point, but absence does make the heart grow fonder, and giving her time and space can be seen as both a sign of respect as well as a great way to keep your liaisons refreshing and exciting rather than tedious and predictable.

There’s also the matter of not diluting the power of physical contact by rushing it or making it too routine.  That AskMen Article deals with this issue of being too touchy-feely right from the get-go.

If you start out very physical, not only do you limit your options as to where things might go or how much more you might have to offer, physically or otherwise, but you also risk violating that aforementioned Golden Rule for Talking to Girls—being intriguing while treating her well.

Encroaching on her personal space limits your ability to stay interesting in bed—at least in the short-term—runs the risk of turning her off with such rudeness, and likewise doesn’t give her a chance to miss you or, indeed, wonder what she’s missing, emotionally, physically, or otherwise.

(Granted, if you have such a high opinion of your sexual prowess as to take this view of yourself, you’d better be a regular James Bond in bed or risk being turned away Timothy Dalton-style, but we digress.)