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Insane Reddit AskMen Dating Hacks to Make Her Want You Badly

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#1: Reddit Red Pill

Let’s get this out of the way first—getting her to want you means treating her well.

Part of the reason Fifty Shades of Grey gets such a bad rap as a romance novel—besides the horrible implications of romanticizing sexual and psychological abuse—is the fact that many feel there isn’t a compelling reason Anastasia Steele should actually want Christian Grey.

After all, he treats her horribly, and it’s not like he has the most winning personality either.  Besides material goods, what does Christian offer Anna besides pain, humiliation, and more pain?

If you want her to want you badly, you have to make her…um, want you.  There has to be more to you than simply being able to buy her things.  Not only will that not make her want you—simply the stuff you can offer her—but it can likewise come across as incredibly insecure.

Count that as yet another one of the claims against the validity of Christian’s relationship with Anastasia.  He doesn’t treat her well, and little to no textual support to show he actually cares about her.  Rather, she’s simply an object for his desire, like the toys in his BDSM sex dungeon—and, like them, he buys Anastasia.

While we don’t want to generalize, it’s fair to say that most women out there don’t want to be treated on par with a disposable sex toy.  They want to feel valued as a person, and likewise want someone whom they feel has value as a person.  It’s the 21s century.  Women can buy their own MacBooks.

But you can’t buy compassion, caring, and an actual human connection—and we all still want that as badly as ever.