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Insane Reddit AskMen Dating Hacks to Make Her Want You Badly

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It can be difficult to find results for something as seemingly-specific as Reddit AskMen hacks.  After all, AskMen is a specific publication with a readership and culture as loyal and particular as drugstore connoisseurs of Cosmo.  Add to that the subculture of not just Reddit but a particular subReddit focusing on AskMen and related topics, and you have a pretty narrow field of vision.

That said, there are countless men out there who can identify with Reddit Red Pill, which is a perfect focus for our own humble efforts on Reddit hookups.

Still, it’s worth taking time to ask why magazines such as Cosmo and AskMen flourish, what they can offer us, and how they all tie back into the whole Reddit community.  Cosmo appeals to traditionally feminine tastes, it’s fair to say, while AskMen Reddit is clearly geared towards that which might be considered more traditionally masculine interests.

Simply put?  They reinforce those traditional roles and the traditional dating advice given, all with a slick presentation and reassuring air which can be quite comforting in an age where identity is so fluid.

Then again, that fluidity can be a source of great liberation, and there are few things more liberating than getting the girl of your dreams which, in this new age of ours, requires new approaches.

AskMen is great for tips on grooming and dating and—what is in more ways than one—the guilty pleasure of ranking the Top 99 Women—but what about when it comes time to land The One?

Well, that’s where we come in!  So join us, if you please, and behold these 6 insane Reddit AskMen dating tips to make her want you so bad