Rebound Relationship

Are You in a Rebound Relationship? 6 Savvy Tips to Make it Last

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#1: Don’t Rush It

To begin with, it’s important not to rush things.  That goes for a good many things in life, and many different types of relationships, but it’s especially pertinent when it comes to rebound relationships.

Vulnerability and security aren’t two things that go hand in hand, and there are few more important qualities in a relationship than that.

Part of the problem here can be a dispute between the head and heart…or, rather, the head and the loins.  The latter may yearn for what the former knows is a bad idea long-term.  After all, physical compatibility and fun are both big incentives for wanting to be with someone…but for a healthy relationship, short or long-term, you’re going to need more than that.

Too many bad rebound relationships, therefore, occur at least in part because the rebounding party feels both vulnerable and needing that kind of physical satisfaction.

The problem is that instant physical gratification can come at a great cost, and too often part of that cost can be one’s own security.  Relationships can move swiftly, even aggressively, and if you’re not careful or on your guard—in short, if you’re on the rebound, vulnerable, and feeling a teeny bit to suggestive—then you might find yourself in yet another mess.

This is how serial breaks begin, by the way—one bad rebound relationship at a time.

What’s more, ask yourself—security or no, do you really want to get into a new relationship so quickly?  There are virtues to the single life, and you may want to take the time to spread your wings and enjoy your newfound freedom while you can.

Not only does that allow for more unhindered exploration, it likewise gives you time to ‘recharge,’ so when you see someone you really want to enter into a relationship with, you can enter into things ‘fresh.’

So, as in basketball, take your shot, yes, but likewise take your time, consider all your options and, most importantly, don’t rush it.