Still Single

Top 7 Reasons Why You’re Still Single

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Being still single is not a crime but it can be awful when all your friends are out partying and you’re stuck at home alone.

Whether they are partying with their partners or just out at the movies, you’re not going to be able to join them unless you get a date.

Sure, you can tag along with them when it’s a girl’s-night-out sort of thing, but what about those places you can’t go when you’re single? This was my story a few years ago and it wasn’t long before I started wondering why I was still single.

Was it my behavior? Bad breath, perhaps? No! I swear I didn’t have bad breath but surely, I was lacking in something. I wasn’t single by choice, but I really wasn’t meeting my soulmate.

This can happen to any number of women or men and it can shatter your heart to realize that you’re unwanted.

However, it’s not the end of the world and if you find out why you’re still single, you might be able to do something about it.

Unfortunately, the answer to this question’s not that straight as most single women might imagine. In some scenarios, it is much simpler and straightforward as compared to the others.

Following are numerous common reasons that explain why ladies struggle to find their special men